Poems about Bullying

Dear I Was, Childhood ended Adulthood is still far away  
Ask yourself, "Why do I feel Guilty?"  Ask yourself, "Why do I give up so easily?"
It's okay to be sad and it's okay to be down but hey you, Stranger don't hold onto that frown.  
My struggles, falling to the ground not being able to walk. My lessons, get back up
Starting from January:   I led I learned how to be a leader
The New Me.....
I didn’t start thinking until I was grown. 
I'm angry I have no idea why the fuck why, but if I did, I'd do something about it I'm angry
I sit alone by my locker, A bully just teased me. I want revenge on him, So I can cleanse my palate. 
Why do they ask me who am I? Why do they ask me why am I so mean?