Poems About the Environment

Oh, say, can you see What you believe, you may achieve By the dawn's early light Every morning, an opportunity
Every season has their very own story. Even though no one notices they have stories to tell.
Yes, America is a great place to live  America is like the Hollywood of the world that everybody wants to visit
Africans, Mexicans, Indians, Eskimos, Ricans,  Indians, Chinese, Anglos and so much more.....
Oh sweet land of liberty Millions living in poverty Land of the free So all of us true Americans decree
Trap into a lion's den Caught the eye of the grin Made me push until I sin Gave me madness So I spent
I'm tired of them telling us that we can't succeedStilting headway with the mentality"All odds are against me"
The ocean is tricky, and messy, and vast.  The ocean has no idea of the past,  the ocean can be cruel in this way; 
I haven't taken statistics but here's a probability A young boy learning about all his impossibilities