Poems About the Environment

I'm tired of them telling us that we can't succeedStilting headway with the mentality"All odds are against me"
The ocean is tricky, and messy, and vast.  The ocean has no idea of the past,  the ocean can be cruel in this way; 
I haven't taken statistics but here's a probability A young boy learning about all his impossibilities
There are green trees but buildings right beside them  There is wind but buildings blocking it 
There was a wood by my house you and I used to meet at. We would wait until the warmth of the glowing sun had gone
We met under the white gazebo fair, The wind blowing north up the sunlit shore
Jumping into the year with exectations so high Played football but got out because my school work was too severe 
I came across the lake Once beautiful and shining, Now only to see That beauty is now dying.
Self Destruction by Nestor G. Mendoza
To the daughters of our world: Brains lasts longer than beauty. It is not a crime to be beautiful