Poems About the Environment

You and I originate from the same place Seen the hungry and the poor Close to touching death's face
The people not equal of every age some teenage They don't have eggs so they beg
Growing up very influential, I didnt have an original thought I listened to the ideas of others and like them I believed
Humans are Ignorant;
The shackles of the past still ring in the minds of a brother. Poetry allows the emotions of a brother to be proclaimed.
  Whats the hardest part of life? Some poeple say, that life is just hard.
We are told to speak up, let our voices be heard. They tell us this  in a loudness that overpower.   
This child is no longer a child, discarded in a toxic environment. This is the age of anxiety.
Just say Say it already Why should we have to choose You Me We are not a label
The grass covered with fallen leaves Hearing their crunch when stomped on Trees free to sway in the breeze