Poems About the Environment

   The walk that made  my face shack with happy in the eyes of children playing
                Day is not day without shadows.
I awake to the sound of the birds chirping, My eyes are gently opening as I hear the nature singing,
Zippers, Yes, they're the cause to my pain, The reason why my backpack broke brfore lunch.  
I wish that I could speak That the faces around me Supportive in name and in cause
Michael: My thoughts float like garbage in a sewer and cluster.
¡Bienvenidos al ardiente lirio!¡Que surreal! ¡Que genial!
Dear Mr Oak TreeI've Been Watching You LatelyYou've Been Kind To MeYou Remind Me of Someone I Lost Years AgoWho Stayed By My Side And Nev
With desire to fulfill the Dream I can't ignore Memorial Hall* grandly greets me with open arms.
Yet rough and callous My home island was a spa South was jet steamed rocks   An outdoor sauna