Poems About the Environment

Just say Say it already Why should we have to choose You Me We are not a label
The grass covered with fallen leaves Hearing their crunch when stomped on Trees free to sway in the breeze
   The walk that made  my face shack with happy in the eyes of children playing
                Day is not day without shadows.
I awake to the sound of the birds chirping, My eyes are gently opening as I hear the nature singing,
Zippers, Yes, they're the cause to my pain, The reason why my backpack broke brfore lunch.  
I wish that I could speak That the faces around me Supportive in name and in cause
Michael: My thoughts float like garbage in a sewer and cluster.
¡Bienvenidos al ardiente lirio!¡Que surreal! ¡Que genial!
Dear Mr Oak TreeI've Been Watching You LatelyYou've Been Kind To MeYou Remind Me of Someone I Lost Years AgoWho Stayed By My Side And Nev