Poems about Health

The American Dream Many people strive for greatness Others are filled with sloth 
She sits here and faces all her problems alone You call her up at night screaming on the phone
Fuck your salt I’m just saying Why is it pink and Himalayan?
Is America great? Or is saying that a mistake? I see our addiction to doing,
My soul feeling hunted. My dreamz of a better life with thingz I have wanted.
U.S.A, the red, white, and blue
I didn’t believe I could watch without looking. To hear as though deceit is authentic.
The bell rings each morning at 8:35, exactly. At 8:37, thousands of students stand up in unison,
Pandora's box was never meant to be opened. When it was closed, the only thing left inside was hope. 
From day one, you face the scorched earth of Republican opposition,