Poems about Health

I can't do this I need some way to cope so I slice my skin and hope, cope,hope parents walk in, witness my shame
I beg for you, but the plea falls to no response, The room is so loud, I begin to deafen by the screams,
I. All my hopes and dreams come rolling down my cheeks in droplets the size of wrecking balls,
    The time has come. The seasons have changed and time is passing by painstakingly slow.
Maybe you're not good at math. Maybe you're not good at science. Literature History Language
Because I love you: I’ll make sure you eat and drink,
How is it that I am still alive? How is it that today I am awake and maintaining hope that things will get better
  Dear Anna. 
  Dear Anna. 
What everyone asks themselves,  What is a heathly relationship?