Poems about Health

Wipe off the makeup. Clean off the length of my lashes, The clear smooth porcelain skin,
I see u's, I see n's, I see faces. They seem to tell a story, but they advocate none of the true.
i had one foot in the river styx counting change for the boatman when i woke up only wet with perspiration 
I recreate you sweep aside unwanted thoughts paint a picture of distress a boy who brings tears to my eyes
Act of suicide, Due or die, We a will fly, But only if we try, Some of us we do our best,
When you're asked how you've been doing lately by an old friend, How do you respond when the truth is, 
When I was in the 5th grade a boy told me I shouldn't smile because my teeth were gross
This is a prayer from my heart  the only treasure i art and the legacy of my life. With my pen and pad in hand
My love for you sounds like bombs raining down on my brain,  it causes the symptoms of my disorder,
I fight and fight the same battles Against the different demons, I hold in my head.