Poems about Health

Sitting on a wooden floor the sunlight is shining in.    The world around me is moving, not stopping to listen.
Our memories arn't enough, I don't think im that tough. I miss you like crazy, come back to me baby.
tears spilled in closet nobody knows or cares i'm alone again
Dear Girl, You sit on the floor and you cry Clawing and scratching at your skin like an animal deep within you is trying to escape  Marks
   Beware, beware, be skeptical, of their smiles, their smiles of plated gold,
There is nothing big, or small, about what I feel, or felt-you are entirely a part of me, alive or not-
Seeing him,In a picture,On the internet.You can’t know,The pain you’ve left,And how deep it goes.
You were all warmth and life,Transcendent compared to his cool and night sky,I miss you always,
I want a jagged broken romance,I want to be held through this,I want someone to show me the beauty in tragedy,