Poems about Health

Dear my fears,   You’ve weakened me, but I have always overcame you.
i ask myself whyi do not know poetrygod knows i haven't studied it,but i know my mindwaves always crashing,
Well, there was this girl, She lives her life as a lie, She continues to explore the world of sin,But instead she feels dead inside As sh
I'm sorry I'm such a mess and you gotyourself tangled up in this but pleasedon't fucking leave me because the
Running. Its not something
Dearest Blank, While I’ve taken the long, hard road You’ve lain low and wallowed in your sorrows
When the morning comes My heart is full of sorrow For I prayed that my eyes did not see a tomorrow
my thoughts float around me in clouds of periwinkle and gold. ribboned stardust, mesmerizing me
Dear Mental Health,
  Dear PTSD,   I cannot sleep with you.