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Poems about Health

Her footsteps are heavy because her heart Won't let them be otherwise
people dont understand i wake up and feel drained i dont want to get out of bed i dont want to turn on the light
It feels like I'm spiraling down Toward the floor I can’t stay here in this world It's a hard time for me
I look pathetic Lying on the floor When all I want to do is run out the door I can't move my legs
(poems go here) Julia always said the voices are back they want you they want the chip out please help me take it out take it out.
As a hurricane can be foreseen; So can I; But I can be unpredictable. Like tornadoes often move quickly;
As I stood there, at the edge of the earth, my mind began racing, and I questioned my worth.
Stuck Stuck inside Inside my own head No place to turn Nowhere to go No way out
Transparent, coloured layers Overlapping, Swirling, Dragging, Drawn out under the fluorescent lights
Pools of red and darkest black Nothing done can I take back Deep scars, shallow What does it matter?