Poems about Health

I want to fling every nice little thing he ever said right back at him.
It means I’m moody all month, not just a week It means I have long nights, waiting for morning so I may resume my activities
I have a block And it's....not like any other block It's heavier than a rock More investable than a stock
No use trying, I can’t explain No use begging, I will retain I won’t cry, not ‘till I’m back
I’m falling over the edge I don’t know if I’ll be able to come back again I don’t mean to fall, I don’t want to fall
She’s only hurting those who dare to care If she only knew who she’s hurting, maybe she’d stop to care
It never ends You always ache and break It forever pains the soul You never truly heal
She smirked as she picked the sharpest She smiled as she drew the rubies from the vault
She sits there in the dark of the room She sits there, crying She cries in fear of hurting the baby
She gazes blankly at the wall, pondering what to do next. Is this her final curtain call?