Poems about Health

A hole inside my brain allows things to slip through. Thomas Pynchon's dystopia
  Fear eats her inside Fear of what she has done She feels as she has to run Run as fast she can
In this world, When you surrender, The chains are put on.
Perfect.                 That’s what you were It’s what you always will be
Learning from our mistakes. Earning what we deserve. Actively trying to succeed.  Dreaming of things to come.
You have left me with never-ending shame And rage that's ripping into my weak heart. Reminding me of all the easy gain,
I can’t say I haven’t ever lied in my life.
Numb, confused, lost inside this dark place. "where am I? Its so dark i can't see my
They don't understand. The teachers. They talk and talk and talk.
Imagine a world with no fears, A world with no tears, A world where you could express your emotions,