Poems about Health

Shot to the heart Shot to the head Grazes on my body Wishing I’d died instead
Well, happiness grows on trees, and stress comes from string. Sadness hangs out with fire,
I can’t seem to stop my mind. To control the thoughts, memories, dreams, and wishes
I hear the alarm. I wake up but I don't open my eyes. I don't want to pen them. I want to disappear. I want to escape.
If I want peace then I must admit this place will not suffice. War is what has come as people have grown off fear.
(poems go here) Got love for soccer got love for football got love for anything that catches my eye I may be good but not as good as you
Tick tock the last of the clock i listened for the beat waiting for the sweet repeat
I washed up on the shore of shame. My skin rubbed bare and raw. The waves forced me forward. Only one thing I saw.
When I read in the paper a year ere, I saw in script a mother’s worst fear. A model child whose temperament was mild,
A heart surfaces Within deceptions' ink Pumping this liquid To systems Without name