Poems about Health

1 when one of many medications costs 1.5 iphones for one month
(Rap) I know a lot of people going through tough times, I did, that's why I write rhymes, You can hate mine,
Loving is not sinful   It is a passion that burns with desire
Should I have given up when I was bullied in fifth through eighth grade,
I'm always sorry. I look at boys sometimes and think, "Damn, I bet he's never been in love."
Perfectionism We never fully satisfy it Thoughts of self compassion make it cringe Often it deceives
I am thinking of a country with 50 great states, One with a national capital and 5 great lakes
I constantly feel seasick Because I'm inadvertently cautious, Awaiting dangers that don't exist.
"Cash me outside, how bow Dat"I wonder if she'd still have fame if her skin was black or if her hair was wrappedCelebrities putting her i
1. You will feel so sore the next day that you're entire body will feel like a bruise, and people will notice.