Poems about Health

This town is filled with strays Many die while others thrive No one likes the survivors.  
The larking of the crows, Dawn: The dark days  The tree's  splitting shadow, obscure,  silent 
A hockey team skates slowly over thin ice. Lonely but not alone, the goalie stands, Guarding a meaningless area
as the animals scream in their cages the pain that plagues them occupies their minds and they admit it in their lives
Buried — Mixed with Earth. It's hard to remember What this is all worth.   But the price we pay
You have consumed my thoughts. How are you? You have become a part of my daily routine. Should I text him?
I need to get out
we do with existence what makes us happiest because in the vastnes
Guiding Holy Spirit anxiety? No need to fear it   Blissfully I Breathe What a way to be!
As far as I can remember There was always a tune in my mind