Poems about Health

I lie in bed like a corpse dreading these words,a small word that pierces your heart like a knife.Goodbye..I feel the hot tears roll down
How do you measure love? In  hugs? Kisses? Smiles? Private jokes? Who can truly express their amount of love for someone?
It seems my body is out of touch The signs are showing, its independence growing Autonomous spasms seize my control
Knight Hawk grunts as he struggle walks The memories flooding him always The recent past like a nightmare 
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All I want is out Please just set me free I'll never learn, I'm full of doubt I want to bring an end to me
A personal piñata To bring to a breaking point As the piñata cracks
How beautiful it is To live everyday breathing the warm/cold air of mother nature
I can see the grass grow higher -Oh how must this life come easy