Poems about Health

You used to have my heart For better or for worse The saying is till death do us part Well maybe that's a curse
You know you're attached to the person you love, when you think about their safety more than your health.
When you hear her say She is doing well, you have a wonderful feeling inside. Just showing how relieved you are about her being Happy.
I watched it before I didn’t speak You let it happen to me I couldn’t speak
These scars are not telling you About some beautiful tragedy.
These words of praise. Come in little phrases. "Be Safe." "I love you." Just to name a few.
The time is nigh, The end is near, So gather ‘round, And lend an ear.
A Little Side note from the Author:
_________________ The Lesson___________________________You were nowhere
The mirror imaged me Twice the apeal No Twice the disgust I render in the disformation