Poems about Health

I am an ocean I am rough and wild and relentless Brutal You do not treat me as if I am Delicate
Because I love you, you are not only my companion but my best friend as well.
To myself, My past self, Myself who thinks of himself,
"What do you see, When you look at me? " Black, lust, rage, watch.  Headaches, flowers, debt. 
He said he loved her.  Shouting matches, leaving her with a life he helped create, he said he loved her. 
School gives me a pencil and a backpack School gives me a heatstroke and a heart attack 
The ground beneath my feet is firm,yet I can spread and curl my toesin the forgiving soil of his support.
Darkness veils my mind Just a hostage to self-doubt The soul yearns for light   Shaken from my sleep
My dearest Natalie,  Because I love you I tell to change I tell you that you are too fat I tell you that you need to starveI tell you tha
To my best friend who likes to call others perfect, but cannot see her own worth.