Poems about Health

How I wish to be free From your entanglement But your vines of thick blue yarn Grab at my wrists
LOVE IS... True to its word Insistent and firm Moving through life together
Hands held tight, Skin against skin, Their warmth was shared
Do something for me BreatheThen ask"Will it still matter in a year?"If the answer is noThen let it go
I am afraid to close my eyes Hearing the emptiness when I awake Feeling any heart pounding against my ribs
Sometimes words can be tossed,   Their actual meanings lost.   
Do you ever feel like you don't belong   Because you're not in a group or a click
  Welcome to Love. Here we have anger and frustruation, Petty fights and lots of tribulations.
 A Relationship One of Health and Triumph  Is One With A Friend
I'm not as traditional as the all American apple pie. More like that burnt bun cake that's been left in too long.