Poems about Health

Heart beating fast. Thoughts won't stop. The voices can't be silent. The pain is gone. The pain won't stop. I can't do this anymore. I do
Dear Mr. President By: Princesa A. Santiago  
no one will ever love me that’s why I hopelessly stare into the sea I tell you I don’t care, I telly ou I’m fine
Give in to disrespect, it wasn't in me  until I found that their words of encouragment were never for but yet against me
    Heavy breathing pounding heart sweaty palms
When dawn arrives, the sun will rise, and the light will shine so bright, trying to greet the fleeting night.
I wake in the morning getting ready for the day  
I'm SorryI'm sorry that you tried to be my lifesaver, but I pushed you away
America now Sees mental illness As something taboo to talk about Outside of a hospital,