Poems about Health

You’ve been there since the beginning, The start of it all. When I took my first breath,
Dear Ani,   Ani ohev at. Hebrew for "I like you". I struggle at learning languages,
Dear Mom.   To my moon   Thank you  
Dear my photographer, Don't see the world the way you do I'm without a lens, but I still see me with you
Dear me, stay still with the trees  the breeze and the world rotating each time that i breathe
Dear Nightmares,   Why do you torment me so?
Dear You, The reader the audience the human whose eyes have caught on these letters—yes, you—  
Part I: While we were both falling, you didn't know I was dying
To vent is to relieve yourself To benefit one’s personal health To hold things in you are at risk
A broken doll then  The puppeteer has left No one to follow