Poems about Health

Does throwing my body against the door weaken the hinges or strengthen the lock?
It's been nearly 3 years and I still don't know  if these scars littering my skin like parasites 
     I am a broken record player,
These classic fairytales have got it all wrong.
Walkin down the road Feeling really cool Dont need no gymnasium Dont need no swimmin pool
I'm standing on my own I'm different than them I don't need glory or money I need honor
People in the room as calm as they like. Hiding in the corner anxiety spike. At anytime this horror can occur. Like a terrible dream that
Walking, skipping, smiling. Red hat and cold hands. Walking, slowing, stopping. Tall boy. Wolf stance.
Aladdin,Aladdin  That's what they called him  He had brown eyes and brown hair that looked like coffee
Another time-- he could've been a better man. He could have been-- a man. A father, A teacher,