Poems about Health

Once upon a time In a faraway kingdom There lived a beautiful princess
this life I live breaks my heart a little more each daythe maladies and tragedies consume my dreams
Take that knife and twist it well My mind is like a prison cell Once you're in you can't come out
You may not have the ability to control other people but you have the ability to control yourself.
I will never be good enough for you At the first line of this, most people think this is gonna be about
You saw me as a liability without looking and seeing my ability. I can be easy to please just be honest and loyal.
People say I'm not valid, people say I should choose, they don't understand though I love people not genders.
Do you remember that fateful day? I do.
I am 16 years old I’m left handed I hate my hyphenated last name
She Wanted by Z. Alarcon   She wanted arms to hold her,