Poems about Health

Loving cuddling The kind you have been longing Compassion is key   Walking and Talking
Fetid meat Black holes I can see your insides I can hear The wails of the beyond
Pen to Paper My words are lost Like endless black oceans. I have no words for you,
It starts as something huge, leaving the body breathless the heart stops for a moment.  
Sitting on the bench waiting for the train... it’s colder than when I left for work this morning.  I wish I had remembered my jacket.
I'm always alone no matter what I do All my friends that I have Will eventually leave me soon
Wandering aimlessly I am but a zombie I am you, you are me. Not together, not free.
I’ve never been a popular person, A likable person, sure,
Waking up, feeling like, got something to bring to the table Figuring out what that is can make you very unstable
I am a canyon carved with water-worn cracks;The weight of other people always breaking my back.