Poems about Health

Life is given to us the day we are bornOur family teaches us to be strong  
Job 8:9-11 
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Sugar Is Sweet And So Are You But The Roses Have Wilted
As they shine so bright, the darkness is never in sight. Whether they are big, whether they are small,
You left me.You left me in a state of mind I was not prepared for.I was stranded and lost.Broken and hurt.I have never dealt with someone
Shattered. I lay shattered Reaching towards The wall I built
My mother had adopted the myth of the black cat crossing the road is bad luck, and when a cat would begin to cross the road, my grandmoth
    Forever, it seems, you fought this war Crying until your eyes were sore
I feel like my whole life has been montitor  by these people who pick out my mistakes 
Hiding somewhere Deep inside Is a soul that longs to be free But it can't Because it is afraid