Poems about Health

When lost and looking, if I say “where am I?” Don’t think me witty I will bend to look underneath ten years of storage
I kept close watch of him barely through a keyhole, but just enough to see him grow.
I don’t understand people who hate themselves.
The world was slowly, but surely turning grey, and the soul was beginning to rot. Walls are stained with blood,
When you jokingly say “ohmygod I hate you!” And I say laughing “I hate me too so it’s all good”
An erratic pulse accompanies like thoughts Hand shakily leveling the escape  Sitting in silent contemplation  Sleepless nights take toll 
I’VE GROWN like a non-blooming flower Feeling the pressure of money I now work
Flash. In a second.  In a whirlwind of time: Life happens. And each time you'll tell yourself,
  I have an enemy. A terrible enemy, I didn't choose.