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Poems about Health

There’s been memories you left for me in the bottom of our sink, Dirty bowls hold oceans of long gone breakfast meals
Day after day The sun rises and sets Just like every day But a man does not   A man changes every day
I'm done, but   I want more, though   I'm tired and overworked  
Outspoken, critical.  Takes my breath.  Is the anwser fear? Or regret? Are we living? Are we running? 
    Today, it finally hit me; that moment of realization. I remember the days in my life that were so horrible and low.
  I was once a pebble Small and fragile
Rain is falling but not hard enough The wind is blowing but far too much The sun doesn't shine but for a touch
I've been everywhere, Although my body ain't been here or there My mind has traveled everywhere.
365 nights,filled with love,laughs,adventures, and fights.
Had to lose the good to get the great Had to find myself While I was in this state