Poems about Health

all the pain gets bottled up inside soon, you will explode. that is what I did, 
it's 11:58 and i can't sleep, glitter is coming out of my eyes and it's cutting them open  
Flowers surround me  
Laying in my bed I feel it begin again Same song and dance
She's the type of girl That everyone would desire Long hair, beautiful So many do admire
this year i changed i found my reason for being where I am
They hold our economy,no one carea of there agony They have money,but people have no mercy
You Can't see the Noose   Coming 10, Had some friends Had to learn No bad ends  
Land of the free Where we accept everyone as they are Where the "American Dream" is hard to acheive.
A comet flying through outerspace with grace, incapable of finding balance through its unstoppable pace