Poems about Health

One red line Insignificant Just like her
Dear Anxiety, For the longest time, I never knew you were with me. When I did, though, it became perfectly clear.
Dear Former Hospital Bed,   When I first laid my eyes on you
Dear friend,   You saved me all those years ago Back when I thought it was the end...
How could you. How could you stand to walk out of the door while blocking out the cries of Mom and I
Dear Anxiety,  Why're you like this? Better yet, why do you make me like this? So many friendships torn apart
Dear So and So,  A traditional letter starts with "Dear So and So".
My Dear Love,   Not long ago Flying high on a dream I realized A hole at the seam
Dear Sister, I see you in a bind. I see you trying to make up your mind.
  Dear Lost One,   These winter nights are cold and brittle,