Poems about Health

I was a seed much like everyone else.  Other seeds sprouted into lovely budding flowers that bloomed into perfection. 
i feel like a red hot fireball of fury with a heart of black no one ever will get near me its misery  
painful paperweight stones are sinking in my soulso i don't fly away
The pain and agony you feel Oh I know it's all so real 
Again. Again again again, why? always sad i felt always less than me. less than me? how you see.
Change is good Exercise was it for me Lost 18 pounds and feel great No heartburn and no stomach ache 
blonde hair and freckles good grades and a contagious laugh happy family and dinner together
The first time I can honestly say I realized I was in love was the first time she called me by my prefered name.
i may look calm but I'm everywhere I'm everywhere and anywhere my mind is racing body aching
screaming but its never free  i don't know you can hear me, help me i yell silently