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Poems about Health

It doesn't exist… It's a feeling of great affection. Feeling...an emotion
2016, They year that started with a bang pop laugh
Sweet dreams my child Those were the last words he heard Before everything went dark  
One year ago I wanted to die  I was sick  And very , very tired  Thrown between mania and sadness
I’m an untitled Mess. I was lost in my chaos and in my lack of rest.  
a year ago today,i was on the run.  i was running from every bad thought,negative feeling...
At the start of the year, all I saw was distress and doubt. I saw only the negative parts of my life,
Ladybug on the ceiling...you must know what I'm feelin'. Your little backside painted red posted above my head.
To my demise. Words cannot describe  how emotional I was to make page 365.
Anger, ignorance, love, and fear are obstacles that I faced all of last year.