Poems about Health

Mother,  Let me tell you about two children of my own. I've had them for awhile, and I'm surprised you haven't noticed.
I have devils in my pocket. Two little devils. They snag crumbs from my plate,
to the one whom gravity holds tightest to,   you're an aging collection of thin skin and heavy bones
Dear Future Me,  When will you ever grow up? When will you begin to be the child your parents always wanted,
16 years now we are 16, we made it. juinor in high school. at 13, we did not want to be here,
i hope you see me like a ghost in your head
Appreciate your family and friends. Be humble and respectful. Create good moments. Do your best.
Crickets chirping, light off suddenly she's in the dark.Heart pounding, mind racing, just her & her thoughts.
I don't want you to think it's over This is just the beginning
As it eats you alive, you feel hopeless.  You sit there wondering how this could have happened.