Poems about Health

Oh say san you see, th changes that need be. We so proudly stand for what could be a better land,
Oh what can you see by the dawns early light
I feel like a shadow Always in the darkness I know I am not alone
America the Brave? How about America the slaves. I pledge allegiance to the flag?
AmericaA land I used to love calling  homeA land I loved and lived in
Our lady stands upon her pedestal, Her brazen torch a beacon for the free, For in her stance, she breaches the hull,
In the dark I feel the veil of lonliness creep up Like an ever-distant shadow, Just waiting for the sun to set.
I have resided in the city of El Monte, a small low, socio-economic immigrant community just 10 miles east from Downtown Los Angeles, my
My abcs, my 123s, My ins and outs, My ups and downs,
Misery loves company So meet me by the hanging tree Where my friends all are, and there they are