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Poems about Health

I had been treading water for what felt like months, fighting to stay above the waves
They say we’re all unique Each perfectly imperfect
5...4...3...2...1...Happy new yearNew year, new meTime of changeWho will I beOf all moments, January is a time of changeA time to perfect
A lot of shit I should've said to you A lot what  I been headed through These holes that I travel I couldn't stitch when a needle wouldn'
I'm meant to be strong,  By Default I'm meant to be pretty,  By Default I'm meant to smile, 
 RealizeMy impediment , intelligence can't curb violence, Everybody is tied in temptation    entitled to tyrants, that confineThat only e
Click goes the shutter, Flash goes the light, She tells you, "Don't blink!" But you just might.
Last year not only I, but the World, was in a very different place. 
A disease encompasses its victim Till death do you part One way or another Constant sadness
there's a fire its raging deep evoking a fight fueled by confidence a promise to reap