Poems about Health

Dear Former Hospital Bed,   When I first laid my eyes on you
Dear Memories,             Remember when we use to write?
Dear sanity I would love to know, that everything is alright I’ve been in this so long, I forgot how to fight  
She can see her brother through the crack. He’s resting his hand on the door he’s used so few times
Dear friend,   You saved me all those years ago Back when I thought it was the end...
Dear So and So,  A traditional letter starts with "Dear So and So".
My Dear Love,   Not long ago Flying high on a dream I realized A hole at the seam
How could you. How could you stand to walk out of the door while blocking out the cries of Mom and I
Dear Anxiety,  Why're you like this? Better yet, why do you make me like this? So many friendships torn apart
  Dear Lost One,   These winter nights are cold and brittle,