Poems about Health

If you were an artist you'd paint me as a Villain and thus, I felt like I had owed you an apology for why I couldn't be with you. I wante
We the people             I the person   here I stand, the legacy of generations of work and sweat and tears
I'm alone with my thoughts again Night is when I feel nothing but pain
You fall. Just to get tasked to get up. You see. Just to see what shouldn't be. You taste.
It was your fault, where is the justice? Liar.
I thought I screamed, Yet nobody heard. I could have sworn I screamed.  I saw the glass shatter at the sound. 
I sat there waiting to be hugged by the sweet arms of death.
When I was in the seventh grade, I took health class, and we learn
you can runbut you cant hidethe Rules of societyi refuse to abidewhat would you expect
It must be easy to be white in America. Let me be more clear.