Poems about Health

{There's a problem in our community} [I know. These police officers are getting out of hand.]
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.
America the Great There is a debate On whether if it truly is as they say But the idea changes every day
Alas! A free country, Alas! Free college, Alas! Free health care Alas, 
I’ve been chased out of southern states Not by my merit or reason other than my race. I’ve been ridiculed in school
America, Land of Opportunity The land where I have the opportunity to make less than men Where they soar above
We live in a land divided by race, where people pretend not to see each other’s’ color, where everyone cares only about themselves, there
I am a girl that can’t gain weight. I get judged every day because of how small I weigh.
I constantly feel seasick Because I'm inadvertently cautious, Awaiting dangers that don't exist.
Is America on its way to greatness again? Who said we were great when we had slaves coming in? America is not great, as-is.