Poems about Health

It was cold and it was grey. No birds out to sing. No kids out to play. I was all alone. I was always alone. Nobody ever cared.
I need the pain to go away No drugs and self harm can take it away
As my toes and fingers grow cold, I look in the mirror. Numb, that is how I felt.
My friend, foreshadowing, was telling my future.
There is this girl who is so broken,And she has nobody to openUp her feelings to and share,Because she thinks that no one cares.Her famil
Gretel remembers the witch almost too well, How she was fed and fed with her belly beginning to swell.
Beep. Beep. Beep. My eyes open. That unbearable sound seems to
I wish I had a father that didn't belong to the bottle but was truly mine,
Tell me again oh father of mine, Sob and howl repeat "she's died!"
im tired of you and the things that you do i hated how you always did things your way