Poems about Health

Today I am trapped in echoing halls filled with the smokey darkness. Unable to see what good lies await.  
Love What is this mysterious emotion that everyone feels
I never really understood who I was Now more than even I still wonder who I am
Because I love you I laughed at your jokes Because I love you I put you above any of my friends
Loving cuddling The kind you have been longing Compassion is key   Walking and Talking
Pen to Paper My words are lost Like endless black oceans. I have no words for you,
Fetid meat Black holes I can see your insides I can hear The wails of the beyond
It starts as something huge, leaving the body breathless the heart stops for a moment.  
Sitting on the bench waiting for the train... it’s colder than when I left for work this morning.  I wish I had remembered my jacket.
I'm always alone no matter what I do All my friends that I have Will eventually leave me soon