Poems about Immigration

Dear me, You light your own fires You bring your own gasoline You don't try to look
¿Como estás?How are you, man?I'm thinking about you again.  
Life, so sunny in my home country but yet at times so gloomy born in poverty, better is seeked
When the pain hit hard I cried tears of bloodFeeling like my soul was crying with me Anxiety ripped through me like a floodFor my pain wa
Dear Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency:
Dear dad,   Your presence was barely around
I was born, not yet knowing who I was or who I'd become Home to the Himalayan mountains
Dear Trump,   I'm a weed in this land of the free  An invasive species sucking the decency of each grain of soil that comes before me  I
Who are we? we are humans we are mothers fathers sons
People say we are no good We have dreams of being criminals, Getting pregnant at fifthteen,