Poems about Immigration

Immigration, What this land was built on. This land was a source of freedom,
You came here all alone To make this place your home Left everything you know   Had to start over again
My country tis of the Sweet land of an impending war. Now here's the thing, 
America was great Thats what we knew But changes, changes, changes Ruined everything through and through
The land of the free Oh, the possibilities that there could be Free to exist as our true selves
Welcome to your new job as my bodyguard The road ahead, I know it will be hard
"Go back to your country" They say.  Everytime I complain. 
    Marred cement   Defaced creamy sentiment  
16 hours was all it took, To make the change from where I stood. I wanted to go back to that familiar place,
On a special morning in December  20 years ago I landed with only 2 suitcases