Poems about Immigration

  how you say, Hello! in American? I am your guest and Hao is also my father's name
America is pretty great that I will admit. Freedom, justice, liberty We're all entitled to it.   
America the great? No thank you, we already ate The lies you’ve told to immigrants
I cannot write to you about love because as much as it is darling there are many other issues to eradicate, For instance my best friend w
A child of an immigrant knows stength, We see it every day in their eyes. A child of an immigrant understands courage,
oh, give me a home <br>where the buffalo roam <br>where the deer and the antelope play <br>where seldom may heard a dis
I saw the best in people with great minds that deteriorated through open wounds as they expressed their
To Astor Place I always race, With book in hand I swaying stand, Beneath me screeching wheels pace,
Once greeted me with open arms, Now they're reaching for their arms. A country made just for my kind,
My grandmother made her home here early, Before the borders were walled, Before Laredo was a proper baario