Poems about Immigration

Each breath taken is An exercise, An experiment that stretches the definition of "American,"
Full to the ceiling Parents and children alike Some get sick Some get stuck Harvesting tobacco
Crucible (Noun).   That Merriam-Webster, you know--
Land of the free And home of the brave That’s what they’d say. Yes,
Where I’m from, The ocean hugs the coast And kisses the sky
My Friends, Sam is at his greatest hour of need. / For our dearest Uncle's prosperity we must reaveFrom those who would threaten it.
America The Great American the Great America the great america the great
we are ghosts in america. invisible, empty, alone. "land of the free" only applies to those born the part.
People say that America is still the land of opportunity Sure, but who’s it for?
Our forefathers wrote of 'America the Beautiful', a land where all are free. Sweet land of liberty,