Poems about Immigration

Our forefathers wrote of 'America the Beautiful', a land where all are free. Sweet land of liberty,
Dear America,    I find that we are not color-blind in a nation; nor are we race-blind.
O America the Brave, What a rocky history You have had Starting out with small colonies
My Parents fled from Iraq To the great U.S of A  Seeking Religous freedoms, while keeping Saddam at bay
Headlines. Trump- worst president in history Trump ruined America How Trump is spending his money
What if you could fly, soar in the sky with the birds  flying by? What if you have to leave your family 
21 Or To Any One   There are 21 parts to my life. One Is May 15th, 1992.   Two
Red, White and Blue the colors that once stood for truth.  But what are we teaching our youth? 
  Land To Land  I Flown To A Place Unknown A Place Of Blue Skies Of Many Lights
From day one, boys are taught to treat women with respect.