Poems about Immigration

  What is the world's greatest issue?   Is it racism or sexism?
Take me back to the days Where the feel of texture and distinguishing colors among Africans didn't matter
Dear Mr. Trump,   I feel like I’m living in a required reading novel,
Standing at the mouth, seeing the belly of the beast. Steps I take toward the impending digestion.
What wrong have I committed Why do you those eyes look at me with hate All I want is a safe place and a full plate
In a small town cafe, The cold table top Starkly contrasting against the
People around the world comes to the land of freedom. they start to have a new life and a new home like safe heaven.
Liminality is living between two inversely related worlds Where cultures and the clashes of civilizations collide in me,
This Island is dead. It's taken its last breath In the form of the last wind
I’m finally beginning to come to the terms with the fact