Poems about Immigration

I am Mexican-American, I am one of you I was born and raised here, like many of you too
Ojos de tapatio - Maura Velez I am from the throat scratching stomach burning brandi in my father’s bar
They come From the great sea Wanting everything Taking all
The sea, the big and beautiful sea. Could strip a proud man and bring him to his knees.
I am an alien, a rapist, a criminal    My accent and skin color makes this visible
People around me Flock like locusts They whispering As if were rats on a putrid lake They say about me
They make no fanfare traversing the lands Using the night sky’s cool cover
Relocating to an alternative site is often a amount fascinating in addition to a little hectic mission for any most people.
 Relocating to a new setting can be a touch fascinating together with a bit active undertaking for the persons.