Poems about Immigration

Our intentions are to find a better Life. We come to this country to work that's all.
They say the best way to get out is to go through, if you never had to go against it how would you fight it, if you was never taught it h
many people dream, but no one have seem the thing's that my mind have, i don't talk and don't show my self, i became a us citizenship be
Because it has a 26-letter alphabet making up words that made no sense to me Because it has so many pronunciations
i am me old, frigid..some days young.. prisoned and free.
How does it feel, to be torn from your mother’s bosom? To hear stories about her but never see her?
you make me stutter in every language I have
His skin looks old, brown, and wrinkled; scarred by the Mexican Sun; His wrinkles are a chronicle of his life-long Wisdom.
As my parents strived for a better life they walked a far distance, The United States wasn’t as close as it seemed,
My daddy built an empire with his tender, 18-year-old hands as he kneaded the pizza dough for $5 an hour