Poems about Immigration

I wear a light blue dress with white Mary Janes and my hair is straightened
The Dream Act was 1st introduced in 2001 it has yet to be a law undocumented students continue to be deny 
I write for the ones Who cannot speak for themselves For they are not given voices But left dusty on the shelves
  When my friends ask me what my father does, I am the few that gets to say,
They've enjoyed our waiting They've indulged in lies They've prolonged discussions They've listened to our cries
My spirit calls out to my parents How I long to mend
The American dream, to a boy of thirteen seems to be the only way out of the heartache and cloud,
          The reason I breath is the determination to leave the circumstances I live in now, born in a country where starvation is the on
From fetus to 21st birthday, umbilical chord to college room and board, we’re dependent on the authority figure.