Poems about Immigration

Sretno novo leto. Hvala, također.   We sit at our table of three
Cleanliness important since birth  Ingrained in his head since he was a kid  Friday morning palms overhead 
2016 was a year to remember,
When I saw my dad cry I was lost, the male role model who held back tears when nothing would hold back for him.
Jittery, nervous, yet excited, with giddy anticipation coursing through my veins;  
"Who's side are you on" they all asked me, as if I had a clue. "Well who will you vote for in November,
Why do they hate us? They sit upon their skyscrapers
There's a group of people, living in silence - in the darkenss Many are aware of their existence Many are not
Hashtag, “Black lives matter.” Trending, but then what? Hashtag, “All lives matter.”
There are immigrants on the streets being taken away by higher forces with badges placed tight