Poems about Immigration

Dear Donald Duck, We are not rapists . We are not drug dealers. We are not bringing crime.  
It’s recess time and the school playground is filled with laughter.
I don't want to take your jobs, or have your money- I don't want your welfare, property, or clothes.
The United States
I remember when my grandmother used to bathe me in her pink granite 90s bathtub
America, a country baptized in blood and built on the backs of those who wouldn't know the freedom she promised until far after her compl
Born and raised the American way, A proud patriot with no shame. The stars and stripes will never go away,
My hair is long I don't care I don't go to the assemblies  I'm not scared yea
America is the new China I was built up like The great wall of china I am strong, powerful, impenetrable,
Who is to say?Who is to blame?We are losing faithIn America the Great"Dude, America's so lame"