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Poems about Immigration

Away from California, the land that I knew Into the heart of Texas, with a culture that was new
“We the people of the united states”,   It’s what we see,
I love the sky I love outer space I love you And I love the human race   I hate society
I feel the smell and the color change, heard the sea back then in May, 
i grew up on the streets of albuquerque when the sun hits you hard
The times of release Freedom And happiness Not to worry about any thing
I have been an American My entire life, Ever since dad Asked mom to be his wife. They are American too
This is not about the country, This is about being undocumented. We cross the border Without knowing our own destiny.
 Onward to the castle he goes. Packs his things, hugs his parents, thinks about the dream one more time before he goes.
It is an evening full of smiles and laughters but at the same time an evening packed with hidden sadness.