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Poems about Immigration

I should not be bitter I should not be green I do not even know my fate  But I see you around the globe
Close your eyes   feel the love around you but then back to the real world.   You not the only here, 
In this world, clams make pearls, it's a pain, for human gain, its painful enough
Endless nights I dream of myself standing at the end of a lake with my toes in the sand, the water my fears,
  Tale of an Immigrant by Christian Betancourt
Laying in bed I can't sleep  There's so much going through my head  I try to fight it But I'm too weak 
Come with me, child, Hide no longer little dear. It is our land from sea to sea
The biggest and brightest of flowers Bloom after The longest and loneliest of rains And
Ah, Mexicans.   We grow up yelling viva, not knowing we were already dead.
The American Dream...   Dreams are images, emotions , sensations created in one's mind.