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Poems about Politics

A creeping suspicion turns to feelings of neglect. Never was I alone, yet I began to feel lonelier every day.
It all started with blinding colors The lights so bright it was almost impossible to see I was heading forward
365 days previous, They were days more care free and light-hearted,
wrestling with an impression of myself,confidence scant and creativity diluted,
I have never know what it's felt like to be heartbroken 
Seems like forever A boy with a Peter Pan face Walked into my life   A split across the people
This whole year is all a giant blur to me. Ask me about specific happenings, And I'll recount them to you faithfully.
I've seen through my eyes, A world laid out before me. A world that's experienced a year of growth,
 My skin is brown so you call me blackThey aint happy when it’s nappy, ain't that a factYou claim my brothers are hoodlums and hoodrats Y
Binge-watching took over,Senioritis set in,My life slowly crumbling,Right before my eyes.