Poems about Race

Death knows not the difference -the boundaries- between youth and the aged;
I am what you see I am something everyone should be I am a lover not a fighter
If I could change anything I see, It'd be how we view equality: Equal rights for whites, blacks, and latinos;
What would I change about the world? Till this day racism is still an issue, but why though?
If you say thought black was pure than your happiness was sin, life was based off the color of your skin.
Why are we fighting? Why are we fighting with each other everyday for the same rights we all deserve?
Aren't we the land of the free? In freedom isn't there equality? Yet still we judge one another
"All men are created equal" is what they say we are all free but were not the same
As people we all share something called rights. No color nor race should change this fact. A movement with peace and no more fight.