Daddy left me – I didn’t know what a man’s love was supposed to look like.

His words were warmth to my cold heart

They picked me up and carried me away from loneliness.


“Trust me.”


“I will never leave you.”


“I will never hurt you.”


Snap! I was caught in his snare.

He gutted my innocence

I was meat on the market for anyone with an appetite.


“Obey me.”


            “You can never leave me.”


                        “I will kill you.”


I’m kept with the herd – naked. hungry. hurting.

I go to the slaughter every night

Butchered over and over and over.


“You are nothing.”


            “You are dirty.”


                        “You can never leave.”


I don’t know what high school is.

I don’t know what friendship is.

I don’t know what true love is.

I do know what sex is.

I do know what drugs are.

I do know what pain is.

That’s all I know.


I can’t cry out for help.

Will you be my voice?

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Our world
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