The Trinity of Trafficking

The Trinity


I stand alone.

I stand unheard, unnoticed.

I am on my own.

And the world cannot see.

Confined to space and time am I

And I cannot try

Cannot try to escape the damning high

The high they get from hurting me.

The hue of my skin was no matter to them

Nor was my age

Nor was my rage

The rage from liberty taken from me.

I cry at night

I cry in spite

Cry out for them to set me free.

But alas no one hears

My cries fall silent on society's deaf ears

But you, can you hear me?

The victim which you cannot see.



I sit on a throne.

I sit haughty, mighty.

And I, I own

A thing that serves only me.

The thing is mine

Chained by my commands

Wounded by my hands

But silent as can be.

I have no crime

No crime assigned

To me in some registry

I, they don't find

I bide my time.

I run scott free.

And do I care

do I dare

Dare feel guilt in me?

I don't dare.

I don't care. 

It's just a thing to me.



I run confused

I run back and forth

Between what can and cannot be

Slaves you say

Slaves today

Today in our country?

It cannot be.

But you say it is and now I see

I see that cruelty still lurks round me,

Round the world

We cannot let it be.



We are together

We are coexisting constantly

We the three, a broken trinity.


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Our world
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This is a great poem, and with the consent of 

the author I would very much like to use it

at the beginning of my master dissertation!


I am honored to have such praise! My apologies for not seeing this comment sooner. Permission would have certainly been granted. Best wishes to you.

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