A victim or Survivor

She's broken she's shattered but her classmates don't see her pain.

No one one knows the horrors she has faced.

Broken, abused, and discarded like trash... Yet she smiles with so much life.

16 and she's been through so much.

An all american girl exposed to a world of lies and deceite

Human Trafficking the news crys but they dont say its so close to home

Your neighbor your child they could be next 

Being sold at night and smiling through the rest

Save me save me is all she ever cried 

but shes saved and now she cant function

16 in high school living the life of a 22 year old prostitute 

you know her name but you dont know her shame

This poem is about: 



this poem is very deep i can feel the pain that the girl is going through just from reading this poem i love it!!!


thank you :)

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