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I don't know how much more I can take but with all that's at stake I can't just stop and take a break
4 hours 17 min ago
You cry your tears in solitude-- behind locked doors in the dead of night.  When your inner demons 
5 hours 13 min ago
You roared at me like thunder, and struck me like lightning. The day you walked into my life,
5 hours 39 min ago
I dont understand how one can be so depressed and mentally messed up. Yet laugh so hard the night before and be so happy.
5 hours 54 min ago
a mental mess one of not understanding
5 hours 58 min ago
My mom came here twenty years ago She came from malaysia with little to show
5 hours 59 min ago
Millions of people All over the world  Have dreams childrens eyes gleam gleam with their hopes
6 hours 26 min ago
What inspires you? What inspires you…  
7 hours 6 min ago
Who says They cannot feel emotion After the embrace   You may offer
8 hours 39 min ago
today i am thinking for myself i think? i’m not quite sure
8 hours 45 min ago