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I like blood. It looks so royal. It comes out like an army of ants when I make a hole in the nest. I want it all to come out.
8 hours 33 min ago
I am inspired by my vision of who I can become and all the opportunities that await me
8 hours 42 min ago
carbon flooding our lungs, flooding our blood carelessness causing everything to rise, rise, rise
9 hours 48 min ago
A flower blooming in the winter snow Why no one knows But it gives me hope
10 hours 12 min ago
You said you into thin girls I lost weight You said you hated pink My colour changed to blue
10 hours 12 min ago
Inspired 2 write after have read, want food to be feed but mislead. Registered for sKolarship contest, 
10 hours 22 min ago
Words inspire me  The very essesnce of people Push me through my life 
10 hours 39 min ago
Today I’m talking about the experience of growing It’s hard. Learning to evolve. Learning to be strong
11 hours 7 min ago
Beautifully Broken. I look in the mirror,
12 hours 5 min ago
 As I lay down I wonder what will I become. As I lay down I wonder what will be my legacy. As  I lay down I drift into sleep.
12 hours 15 min ago