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The true meaning of Christmas is that it's a pagan holiday; Here are other things about Christmas that I'll say.  
17 hours 23 min ago
  You Loneliness, sadness, and abandonment Filled the soul, the soul of which is my own
17 hours 56 min ago
The daily pain of losing you is killing me  I miss you The forgotten smiles
18 hours 14 min ago
I am hurt Auntie, Can you heal me? I miss you Auntie, Can you hug me?
18 hours 17 min ago
Kindness is a good thing. With lots of good things in it. And it even has more and more in it..
18 hours 27 min ago
Depression                                   is
18 hours 30 min ago
18 hours 38 min ago
the kids arent alright the kids are just fine cruising up hitting lines doing fine life is fine
19 hours 4 min ago
They say you never forget about your first, and they’re right.  
19 hours 11 min ago
Lies by Angel J I hate the way I believe every little lie that you tell me.
19 hours 13 min ago