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sitting here next to this man-made lake soaking in the sun with flowers in my gun that's when i realized
21 hours 22 min ago
Why I wonder As the sun warms my face A quiet cold day Where I feel a semblance of grace  
21 hours 27 min ago
The boogeyman is always lurking Tormenting me in my sleep Burning me when I'm try speaking
21 hours 40 min ago
John 14:16-17 New English Translation (NET Bible)
21 hours 42 min ago
Freedom of speech is being able to speak against the insecurities of the United States- home of the free. 
21 hours 46 min ago
A mangled figure struggles on artificial ground  An unidentifiable form Its mangled hand outstretched  Pleading 
22 hours 4 min ago
Save Ferris 
22 hours 10 min ago
Those seeking perfection can chant the Heart Sutra with the Buddha of Kodaiji  
22 hours 42 min ago
I walked down the lane in the moonlit midnight It was minute or two when I saw you at the right
22 hours 44 min ago
My brother saysthere is a final truththat lies waitingnear a quasarpleased that it is so
22 hours 45 min ago