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Inspiration is a learned skill.
8 hours 39 min ago
in the burning starch of holy dough beneath the chintz and dew mom is making little circles
8 hours 48 min ago
Sky above and earth below,  Yet all we see is sorrow. Black and blue are all we know,
9 hours 20 min ago
Taken from a land you once loved The pain and sorrow had yet to begin   
9 hours 28 min ago
I hope y'all listen close and listen well  Listen, hear, and understand this tale I'm about to tell 
9 hours 30 min ago
The mind is complex; facial expressions you can tell If the person is vexed from many reasons to stress
9 hours 31 min ago
Catch, shoot, swish Catch, shoot, swish Everything in slow motion
9 hours 32 min ago
“Chin up, put a smile on that face.” Well I’m sorry that I don’t feel like smiling today.
9 hours 36 min ago
What can I say I’m not normal in anywayThe feeling at night I don’t know how to explain
9 hours 37 min ago
It is enriched with light, well out of sight and lights up the darkness like the moonlight
10 hours 6 min ago