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Every time someone asks me about my gender, I get a stomach ache in my brain,
9 hours 16 min ago
Love. How simple that word is except it has been misunderstood; illused, Media portrays it everywehere.
9 hours 19 min ago
I wish you were here and no the reason why is not unclear. I fell asleep this week 
9 hours 33 min ago
9 hours 34 min ago
Often times, its not happiness It's rage,  burning in the very veins that pump my blood It's sadness,
9 hours 52 min ago
I hate the feeling of missing you.   Some would say that you're my muse, Others would say that I'm confused.
9 hours 59 min ago
It hurts, everythig hurts, my lungs, my legs, my muscles, my feet drive themselves into the course.
10 hours 27 min ago
I walked the moon in my suede shoes felt the sky in my hands Id be open with god's eye
10 hours 37 min ago
Married to correctness, divorced from the ideal   The truth becomes enigma,
10 hours 57 min ago
You took my paper-mache heart all fixed up with glue, And showered it in your great tears of rue,
10 hours 59 min ago