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Switch your mindset from problems to solutions.See abundance instead of lack.When you change how you look at things, your life transforms
2 hours 55 min ago
We don't dream of heaven an
2 hours 55 min ago
If you seek yet have fear of what to find.The reason to seek will never fulfilled.The great mystics of the world seeked nothing in return
2 hours 57 min ago
I am atom all is me,  I am atom I am apart of all that you see,  All that there is of thee,
2 hours 58 min ago
Nothing made it possible for something to exist.And Something can always return to nothing.Yet something can never be satisfied with the
2 hours 59 min ago
The master holds firm to not one frequency.I am a being for all seasons a conductor of all elements fire air water earth.I flow as all i
3 hours 6 min ago
Saying the three words is not hard You just make it hard to say 
3 hours 9 min ago
Trapped in fear, Never knowing which way to turn For fear I look away.
3 hours 17 min ago
Praise be to Allah, for I fear nothing but Him and arrogance And what marvels are we, being proud of His own creation
3 hours 32 min ago
Looking to the sky a lone wolf cries.Not because it is alone at that moment.Only because he has a pack to take care of or needs a pack to
3 hours 41 min ago