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 Who is he The man that pushes until the end  He walks only with pride and authority  He leaves you wondering if he lost or won His deter
9 hours 20 min ago
An open wound  Choose your sewer Unsteady hand, game over Vulnerability allows the blind to see
9 hours 31 min ago
A gift given by God  To paint in the pictures  I grab my supplies  And pull out my elixirs   
9 hours 58 min ago
Voice A (Softly) My car broke the dam And the rain just kept coming down Adding to the flood 
10 hours 9 min ago
You should know bullying hurts, With words fat, ugly, worthless, It make me useless in my own tales
10 hours 20 min ago
I saw it when i was five. Not knowing what they was. They danced infront of me in the sky.
10 hours 32 min ago
Our statues breathe life into us, and our souls tame.
10 hours 41 min ago
Used to believe love was always in my favor  That loving you was the best part of me
11 hours 12 min ago
Hidden in plain sight A girl almost woman The world before her A future very bright
11 hours 22 min ago
A down fall of living proceeded me through my times. Although, i escaped them then.
12 hours 12 min ago