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It was way before the KissI had known it was youI was going to Miss.
2 hours 21 min ago
Much like poetry’s subjective nature Is pain’s unobjective quality,
2 hours 22 min ago
In a loud voice, in a time of true darknesstelling me that God is here,-He is standing near,So, why do you fear?
2 hours 22 min ago
In the night sky, the moon hangs Her solemn head, Which consumes the land in silvery dread.
2 hours 23 min ago
Experimenting on the mind,-where buried emotions played deep withindo dictionary could ever master the words
2 hours 24 min ago
The image of fascinating seas,-where the reflectionsof the glistening of stars and moon-
2 hours 25 min ago
Aphrodite is not a prom queen. She is the beautiful captain of the cheer team
2 hours 29 min ago
Every story has a start but not every story has an end.
2 hours 29 min ago
2 hours 29 min ago
2 hours 30 min ago