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Film Your Voice
This poem is short and sweet, Much like someone I know. He might be under three feet,
7 years 2 weeks ago
Four sides, incubator. They feed me these principles to live by, chauvinistic society.
7 years 2 weeks ago
How They Feel (poem)
Everyday people wake up Hiding behind the smiles on their face While drinking their daily dose of emptiness
7 years 2 weeks ago
Always Be True- Laura Johnson (Original Song)
I was perfectly happy when you walked in my life. Though I thought I was lucky, it ended in strife.
7 years 2 weeks ago
Walk a mile in my shoes
To be called a monster to your face Adults you trusted call you a disgrace To be pushed and shoved onto the floor
7 years 2 weeks ago
The Reel Reason
People ask me what I why I wanted to be a “filmmaker.”
7 years 2 weeks ago
Sleep Spectrum
i. Your tongue is bleeding. Not blood, but words spilling between your teeth.
7 years 2 weeks ago
Victim's Song
Who giving you the right, To judge me when you don’t understand. How could you?
7 years 2 weeks ago
Welcome to the New World
The city streets hum With a beautiful chaos It sounds like a symphony With no lights no applause
7 years 2 weeks ago
Our Darkest Hour
Darkness We are surrounded by the night Fear We cower all the while in fright
7 years 2 weeks ago