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Ecclesiastes 10:1 
19 hours 19 min ago
Come on don’t worry about how it all went down. It was a place always there to be found.
22 hours 9 min ago
The whisper in my mind runs like water in the ocean. Every time there's only one sentence in my mind...
22 hours 11 min ago
Life is what you make it We live on borrowed time But if life is what we make it Then it’s time that I make mine
22 hours 14 min ago
Hey woman I know that you never were mine. Hey Lady , It’s really going to take a lot of time.
22 hours 24 min ago
You didn’t know. It was raw emotion. There was no setup . It happened . Nothing was taken.
22 hours 35 min ago
I have been so selfish, so wasteful of the life that I have been given.
23 hours 2 min ago
Raindrops, raindropsOn my windowA soft pitter-patter here and there  
23 hours 4 min ago
Woke up this afternoon. The planes weren’t there. The fan was soft in rotation. Thoughts weren’t clamoring . 
23 hours 19 min ago
The land out in the sea Mysterious and hidden  From many who wish to see         
23 hours 37 min ago