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“When we are a painting that stands straight and tall on a wall of a crooked house, we look like the problem.”  –L. N.
7 hours 46 min ago
My desire burns like a fire I pretend I don't have it But that would make me a liar
8 hours 7 min ago
I like to day dream Write it on paper But when I need to write Write it on paper I can't find my pen
8 hours 15 min ago
I Have A Dream ..... One day I hope to walk across the street 
8 hours 17 min ago
My size 9 tennis shoe hits the dirt with each passing second
8 hours 26 min ago
  I can dance and sing, Treat me like a king. I can rap and cook, Read you like a book.
8 hours 43 min ago
One thing that inspires me is my faith in God God has saved me in so many different ways
8 hours 44 min ago
Running, Running, You hear that? That’s my heart pumping, That’s my brain working,
8 hours 53 min ago
I can be whatever I want to be The places I can go seeThe people I can meet  But it’s hard to decide with my changing mindWhere and who I
8 hours 53 min ago
its  easy to love black eyes eyes as black as night your pupils the stars in the sky
8 hours 58 min ago