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Katyusha’s heart is now somewhat one and similar to mine,
7 hours 42 min ago
No One
7 hours 44 min ago
My regular return to posting is close at hand. For it is here I will be making a genuine grand stand.  
7 hours 53 min ago
8 hours 56 min ago
Walking under the brightness of the Moon,i feel the unadulterated nature of the Wind.It blew me left, right and center,
12 hours 56 min ago
Alone in my thought at NoonSitting under the brightness of the Moon.Singing and rejoicing all Alone
13 hours 2 min ago
Feeling good,dreaming high,aiming strongam standing tall.Ready to always go ahead,
13 hours 8 min ago
Its your journey and story In a world build in diversity The superiority and inferiority Ruins the soul of humanity
14 hours 3 min ago
14 hours 14 min ago
Zebet  goddess of spring, life, lust, and vanity how fair is thee with hair the lightest of brown
18 hours 7 min ago