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Life is my inspiration, Every breath, Every heartbeat, Every tear, Every smile, Is poetry to me,
13 hours 47 min ago
One day at the night looking at good and right  nothing was going right  every minute I sight 
14 hours 9 min ago
Hear what your eyes cannot see, smell what your hands cannot touch  
14 hours 30 min ago
I find it in a state of half-waking. A slumber in a college dorm with the fairy lights left on,
14 hours 53 min ago
I tell all I knowFor a sense of clarity,To test the watersAnd find out I enjoy a certain variety.  People tell me of a phase,A place wher
15 hours 17 min ago
An African American soul  At war within as societies tugs away at my humanity
15 hours 34 min ago
when you left, it was like a knife to the heart over and over again. you never 
16 hours 31 min ago
Money is given not earned, Dumpsters serve as restaurants, Fountains as bathtubs, Shoes are their tires,
16 hours 44 min ago
POWER the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.
16 hours 46 min ago
Sometimes when the shadows become longer you know in your heart the gravity is  becoming zero.   
17 hours 10 min ago