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The little girl lived in an imaginary world At the age of fourteen she was very concerned
2 hours 53 min ago
What does it mean to be 'all grown up'? Have a car? Job? Apartment? For me, being grown up meant self-advocacy.
3 hours 39 min ago
In this world we live. Life like an eagle. What I hate is devil. They suck the blood like weavil. Tempting me into evil.
4 hours 6 min ago
My name is Kimberly, I'm seventeen and I'm mixed-
4 hours 6 min ago
Times and times ago, somewhere in Greece Ruled king Hector, the son of God. No blood, nor war, for he loved peace
4 hours 13 min ago
i stared into the mirror. A shell stared back, blank-eyed, waiting, praying for the day
4 hours 42 min ago
The sound comes from down the hall It draws nearer as you fill with dread  
5 hours 1 min ago
  I think about the time  My siblings and I ran outside to play Not knowing it would end someday   
5 hours 2 min ago
I look and I see a reflection starring back at me I know who she is but can't see who's with in
5 hours 25 min ago
Happy giggles as she trips, out of breath laughter.
5 hours 49 min ago