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Tick tock Biological clock So selfish of you to take so much time to decide To say it is over
40 min 45 sec ago
A blank piece of paper Intimidation, fear A single sharpened pencil, What first mark will be made?
43 min 38 sec ago
It used to be the storm. A hurricane surrounding me  until I couldn’t breathe; 
46 min 13 sec ago
We're immigrants. It's easy for some poeple to read that word and think they know why I work hard.
52 min ago
I stepped out in the late-night air– A car sped past in the wrong lane As my numbed hands struggled with my keys.
56 min 22 sec ago
Boxes piled high Stacked so carefully Yet so unsteadily One touch and they tumble The contents spill
57 min 25 sec ago
this is the intermittent calm present between the moments of unbridled chaos
1 hour 1 min ago
Everyday, I see inspirational figures all around me, People doing great things, every single day,
1 hour 7 min ago
At one point in life everyone feels down They feel like there may not be any hope left
1 hour 17 min ago
Wake up, get dressed, go through the motions, repeat.
1 hour 19 min ago