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Quaint, a bee, Zooms rapidly, Through the warm moonlight.  
40 min 25 sec ago
TRIGGER WARNING......i am okay, just expressing for the world  He can't save her tonight,
41 min 13 sec ago
To hide yourself in public, and turn your back on fame   Choosing thence to be alone
42 min 26 sec ago
there is a Man unlike any other who sees the highs and the lows
43 min 18 sec ago
Though different but still connected different origin but still got a blood relation
44 min 54 sec ago
the strings of the guitar  breaks in agony.
1 hour 4 min ago
  I am desperate and confused I wonder what my purpose is
1 hour 14 min ago
I saw him on the other side of the glass And I said “Thank you”He was confused “For what?”
1 hour 22 min ago
Some female Leftists are pissed at Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, which is true;
1 hour 22 min ago
Religion in practice… arms length from God   Close enough to see,
1 hour 58 min ago