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Awaken child To Eve’s gem Mom is relieved
1 hour 50 min ago
this jambalaya has been filet mignon in the hood but they serve theirs with red wine sauce
1 hour 55 min ago
For 22 years my dad was “pushing the rock” Each day at work was spent watching the clock  
2 hours 11 min ago
A time or two they had rolled under the bed, through the closets, around in my head.
2 hours 17 min ago
She feels like no one is looking She feels like no one is there She can hear the knocking
3 hours 5 min ago
I am a crazy little redhead That always gets bed head I am pretty funny
3 hours 6 min ago
You say you love me But why’d you leave me You said you need me
3 hours 6 min ago
He hits her she falls So she will just crawl He punches she crunches
3 hours 9 min ago
She says just believe That one day he’ll leave Then she wont have struggles
3 hours 10 min ago
She wants to tell him the truth How she hates the abuse The torture the pain
3 hours 11 min ago