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Fighting his very nature, conflict raging inside him again  
1 hour 45 min ago
Do you see The issues of today?   Do you see  The problems heading our way?  
2 hours 14 min ago
As the clock ticks away with the Nick of time, Health is wealth knowest thou all for to live quite sublime,
2 hours 18 min ago
Tasks set before Heracles prove bitter and dark. Beasts to battle  no longer take solid forms, instead
2 hours 29 min ago
Be somebody’s hero, give more than you get  
3 hours 8 min ago
sweaters are great sweaters are warm they keep cozy  sweaters are stylish they keep me warm
3 hours 14 min ago
I had declared it would not fall in love, But the goddess Aphrodite took it as a challenge.
3 hours 28 min ago
Long ago, Zeus denied us fire The situation was really quite dire Prometheus saved man kind
3 hours 45 min ago
Look what they made of you, Drawn out of life, drained out of mind, Damage is written all onto you.
3 hours 48 min ago
Mark 1:22 
5 hours 59 min ago