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pieces of a mason jar  glass vases  broken  violently torn,  pink roses heavy imprints 
45 min 15 sec ago
I feel like I'm the only one putting in time But I'm just in my feeling The one doing all the cooking and cleaning
49 min 54 sec ago
Blondes Are Dumb. They never pay attenntion,  They have low retention, They do bad in school, 
1 hour 31 min ago
Empty and vast Grueling and stalking. Dizzying above all and excruciating in every pain.
1 hour 49 min ago
The reality of growing.To see the monsters in others and not face the ones within us.Why not see from another instead of your point of vi
2 hours 59 min ago
Nature never repeats it's self with its infinite flow of creative force.There is no barrier that can withstand it's forever expanding blu
3 hours 1 min ago
I speak only from my mind on matters.I read no books i follow no set guides.I am not overly influenced by the teachings of others.Yet peo
3 hours 11 min ago
Where does hope reside if faith decides to leave.The fragility of emotions can often cause the physical eyes to bleed.But love it seems a
3 hours 15 min ago
As i see it so i be it.Who am i I am that I am.The one the most vital source of self.I am that which lives one experience at a time.So le
3 hours 16 min ago
Within this instant you live.Without this moment you missed living.The line between living and being aware as we live is extremely thin.
3 hours 17 min ago