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  in my head   something was not right   it took time to realize 
4 hours 50 min ago
Peacefully resting with aurora Chest to chest with soft thunder Healing as I astral travel
5 hours 18 min ago
Slowly letting go of my childhood as a voice leads me into the right direction. I have no choice, 
7 hours 2 min ago
emptiness is somethng is that is within me  something that i cant get rid of no matter how hard i try
7 hours 14 min ago
And I'm not talking undergraduate-broke, or NYSC-broke...or even working-class -single-broke.
7 hours 32 min ago
She was madly in love with me, and believe it or not, that was why I walked away.
7 hours 37 min ago
*Family didn’t support you...* *KEEP GOING* *Friends laughed at you..* *KEEP GOING*
7 hours 40 min ago
Loud  crazy tall those are the older kids to them I am small I watch the older kids
7 hours 41 min ago
Enticing early spring, yellow daffodils smile As cherry blossoms flaunt an ebullient style
7 hours 43 min ago
I sit on my bed every night. I look for a star to wish on, but not one is in sight.
7 hours 45 min ago