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Walking Down The Lane Road Looked Simple Sun A Never Ending Line Of Failures Of Thy Life
20 min 6 sec ago
They are meaningless, few can be trapezoids. I pity them.
24 min 6 sec ago
Life His Had No Clue What He Was To Do Mind His Was Just Like A pendent, a crew
29 min 52 sec ago
No such thing as a straight line, it is not a line. No such thing as a broken line, it is two lines.
33 min 25 sec ago
I wake up at around 8 My controller jumping in my hand My PS4 waking up 
37 min 57 sec ago
Do you like stars? Do you like how they stand out? Do you like a stars status?
38 min 53 sec ago
Wondrous Light It Flew Rain Should Have It Too He Was There Up Why? Leaving Them Of Thy
39 min 3 sec ago
Strong yet elegent, perfect yet pointless.  Independent yet homologous, appreciated yet overlooked. 
44 min 2 sec ago
I like dots,  you might like dots, but you don't have to. I see dots, you might see dots,
55 min 4 sec ago
When I was a kid, my mom would give me and my sisters coloring books to keep us preoccupied 
59 min 5 sec ago