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We hone the hell, keep it real zoning toward a deeper well
5 hours 15 min ago
One day, we’ll surge past the exosphere, flying at 
5 hours 17 min ago
  Protection   You don’t know me In fact at all.
6 hours 29 min ago
Oh Lord, oh how powerless I feel But how amazed I am in your presence When I no longer stand on my own 
6 hours 29 min ago
Jackie  (By Kimberlie Lambert) My love devours all of the sunflowers
6 hours 31 min ago
Just Once   They ask what I believe in Not a breathless deity with wooden features
6 hours 32 min ago
I fell for her, fell hard, so swift and quick As if it was an act of Aphrodite Or being shot with Cupid’s Arrow
6 hours 35 min ago
In a far and forgotten realmWhere love never goesAnd smoke instead of The clean air blowsAnd no birds there anymoreJust ash-covered crows
7 hours 9 min ago
I love poetry for its blank spaces, for its constant wondering
7 hours 10 min ago
Poem By Carson OTP Alexander (HA V) Allergic reactions to the animal form,
7 hours 34 min ago