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At zero years old, you were brought into the dark ages with parents and a sibling to contrast your personality.
1 hour 9 min ago
People are depressed It sucks but It's the truth They joke haha They smile wide Inside however
1 hour 15 min ago
The crashing of waves like sobbing of tearsThe clap of the riptide like a child screaming till red in the ears
1 hour 15 min ago
They say knowledge is power I say okay, that too but really She is a many splendid things The star of my day dreams
2 hours 9 min ago
I made promises I can’t keep It’s no sleep till i oversleep
2 hours 41 min ago
 Although i always tried to understand how could i forgive someone who consciously chose to hurt me,but i think my soul deserves better t
2 hours 42 min ago
I beckoned the elders of your time, To tell me why the trail of your kind always request for more. II
2 hours 46 min ago
Azizah, you won’t understand it now, but u will eventually I’m sorry for the thoughts that came when I wasn’t ready to be,.A mother to yo
3 hours 7 min ago
That's my baby!
3 hours 13 min ago
When I was young, even in college when I thought I wasn't, it was easy to go home - back to my bedroom,
3 hours 36 min ago