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To all the mermaids at the ocean floor
3 hours 32 min ago
You know what's weirder? All these years have past I still look in this cracked mirror
4 hours 19 min ago
The dreams that I had;  they are all broke No purpose at all; I’m all out of hope. Blackness surrounds me
5 hours 31 min ago
I called you yesterday     Your voice was still the same   Smooth like silk and baritone   
5 hours 32 min ago
I never thought that  I would see the day When you would forever close your eyes
5 hours 33 min ago
Please don’t judge me By the color of my skin     Not all white people     Are guilty of the sins         
5 hours 34 min ago
I live in a box In the morning when I wake I drive in a box To the place where I make 
5 hours 35 min ago
*Trigger Warning: Self Harm*
5 hours 48 min ago
Late may and the sunlight has no meaning to me My blood runs through my body as in winter
5 hours 54 min ago
Trigger Warning   Don’t tell me it gets betteruntil you’ve walked in my shoes.
5 hours 55 min ago